Up, Up and Away!

Up, up and away! I went to the Albuquerque, New Mexico balloon festival and to ride in a balloon! Not the kind you buy at the store, but a giant kind that can hold 4-6 people in the basket. The balloon part is called an envelope, and the basket beneath it is called a gondola. Hot air fills the envelope, and before long we were drifting through the quiet air, looking at the people and scenery below. Most balloons launch in the early morning, when there is little wind so landing is not as bumpy. A chase crew follows the balloon and picks up the people and equipment when the balloon lands. After my ride, there was a balloon fiesta where 600 balloons went sailing through the air at the same time, creating a rainbow of colors in the blue sky. Purrs, Gulliver

balloon 3


  1. Keep writing, girl and cat!!
    Do you have teachers from U.P. Signed up yet?
    If not, I’ll make sure are on their radar!

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Hi Judy – I haven’t reached out to the schools yet, I thought I would give it one more week. I would be glad for some assistance/referrals. Gulliver went AWOL in April and failed to send postcards in May. Hopefully he will be forgiven. Sending you a new adventure to edit via email. Thank you for all your support!

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