First card of the 2014-15 school year

From Alaska to Zululand, Gulliver will be travelling quite a bit this year. But it is always important to know where home is, so Gulliver used Duane Meenely’s postcards showing an aerial view of Salinas to kick off the year and introduce himself.   A big thanks to Duane for donating your cards.intro card

As it turned out, one of the teachers was able to provide some quick feedback. “I put the card on the overhead projector and asked the students where they thought this scene could be found” related Mrs. D. “New York?  No, closer. San Diego? warm, but closer. San Francisco?  No, look at the picture. Here is the Salinas Airport, and here is Highway 101.  That is Salinas? But we are a small city!”  The kids were very excited to have a new perspective on where they (and Gulliver) live. Little do they know that Gulliver has discovered where the bobby pin was invented, who drinks bubble tea and what it is made with, and where the necktie originated. Stay tuned.





Welcome !

Gulliver’s Mailbox is expanding! If you are a teacher in a classroom and would like to join the project, please email Some basic information is on this page.

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Art by Bridget Spicer – 

Gulliver’s Mailbox started with a handful of postcards in 2012.  It is a free project (random act of kindness /community service) to teach kids about the larger world around them.  It can be incorporated into Common Core requirements by involving kids in reading, writing, researching, identifying their community and more.   The most important thing is it is free, fun and low maintenance for teachers.  Here are some fast facts and fun ideas.

  • Gulliver, the traveling cat is our mascot. He types (cats can’t hold pens) onto postcards from all over the world, and shares his travels from the perspective of a cat.  He may be in Norway one week, Alabama the next, China the third week. It is very random.
  • Classrooms receive postcards weekly throughout the school year. Gulliver talks about food, festivals, animals, history, geography, science and cultures of people and places around the world. The text is the same, whether it goes to a first grade or 6th grade.
  • Teachers decide how to use the cards and what happens to them at the end of the year. Often they are posted next to a map of the world, and given out to kids as prizes or recognition. Students love reading them aloud to each other.
  • Follow-up once a year is requested of teachers to use in social media. This could be in the form of an anonymous quote, story, photos of the postcards (with or without kids) or other evaluation.
  • Sign up now at .  Or even just ask questions!

I am looking for classrooms in cities and states anywhere within the USA, so pass the word on too!