Tunisia and magic carpets


My very first magic carpet was woven in Tunisia.  I found it in a souq – an open air market which sells everything from jewelry to ceramic dishes to rugs. The rug was woven of wool, and I could use it as a blanket on chilly nights when I camped outside.

The first people to live in this area were stone age cave dwellers called Troglodytes.  I can see why humans like to come to Tunisia – there are many miles of sandy beaches along the Mediterranian coastline, though in the south part of the country there is desert, and it is hot!

Purrs, Gulliver

English is such a hard language

gulliver in luggage

I was a young kitten when I first started travelling. Slipped into a suitcase and away we went!  I learn bits and pieces of many languages. It always helps to be able to say ‘please, thank you, and excuse me’ wherever I traveled.  Very few people learn Meow properly.  In Chinese, it is “miao”, in French, they say “miaou”. In Bosnia they pronounce it “mijau”, but the Ukranians say ” myau”. My human’s niece was fond of “deedle eadle” when she was a baby.  I didn’t answer to that, ever!

Here is a short talk on how English developed from other languages:


Purrs, Gulliver