Gulliver’s Bingo


For those of you who have a lot of postcards, here is a rainy day activity for classrooms or families.

Create a “bingo sheet” with 25 blank cells.  The center cell is free/purrs.

Have each player chose from the list below and enter 24 choices into the remaining cells. You can add to the choices if you can think of other subjects which match the postcards you have. The countries, states and cities are just a few of many that Gulliver has visited.

Where the choice is a color, it can be the predominate color or just visible in the postcard.  If a card is drawn that can meet two or more subjects (i.e. red, San Francisco and boat) only one subject can be marked out.

Put the cards in a box or bag and draw one at a time. The first student to make “bingo” wins. You can continue with the same bingo cards for second and third winners, or start over with new sheets.

  1. Color blue
  2. Color green
  3. Animal (land)
  4. Water (ocean, river or pond, waterfall)
  5. Building  (other than a house)
  6. Flower
  7. Person
  8. Iceland
  9. Hawaii
  10. Ship or boat
  11. Tree(s)
  12. Poem
  13. China
  14. Bird
  15. Flag
  16. Map
  17. Germany
  18. Color yellow
  19. Snow
  20. Food
  21. Color red
  22. San Francisco
  23. France
  24. Scotland
  25. Egypt
  26. Cambodia
  27. Bicycle
  28. Ukraine
  29. Castle
  30. Russia
  31. Sky
  32. Bridge
  33. Sea creature
  34. Lighthouse
  35. House