Modern day Dinosaur

Did you know that birds descended from dinosaurs? The first bird-type dinosaur was called “Archaeopteryx,” which means “ancient wing”   Birds share many similarities with dinosaurs, including feathers, scales and laying eggs.  Scientists study each creature to compare skin, bones, hearts and lungs and other body pieces to connect the two.  Some birds do not fly or have very limited ability to fly. Think of turkeys and ostriches. Others, like penguins and puffins can swim better than fly or walk. Next time you see a bird, tell everyone they are looking at a modern day dinosaur!

Purrs, Gulliver


Bird 1.jpg

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I thought I was adventurous until I read about a young man who spends an average four hours on a plane each day, and takes at least one international flight each week.  Always on the move, Ben rarely stays more than 3 days in one place.  He has circled the earth about 16 times a year flying in airplanes. He is called a Hobbyist – someone who uses airline and credit card bonuses to reduce the price of his tickets.  He said for the past 18 months, he hasn’t had a home, but lives out of airplanes and hotels.  I like some routine, so I think I would get very confused on what day it is and where I am with all that travel!

Purrs, Gulliver


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