Farming in California

We could eat our way from one end of the state to the other on the crops grown in California and never be hungry. Farming and ranching are a big business in California. People here grow more than 350 different crops, including 32 kinds of lettuce. We grow so much food; we send it all around the world. Artichokes, almonds, figs, olives persimmons, pomegranates, raisins and walnuts are just some of the food grown for sale to other places. Next time you are in the store, look at the labels and see where your favorite fruits and vegetables come from. Maybe like me, they started out in California! Purrs, Gulliver



Coyotes are part of the same family as dogs. They can be found in Alaska and Canada all the way down into Mexico and Central America. The word “coyote” was originally a Spanish translation of the Aztec word “coyotl”.  In Native American stories, Coyote is intelligent, sneaky and has a big appetite.  Coyote is both a hero who creates, teaches, and helps humans; and an antihero who shows the dangers of negative behaviors like greed, recklessness, and pride; in still other stories, he is a trickster whose lack of wisdom gets him into trouble while his cleverness gets him back out. In some stories, he is even some sort of combination of all three at once.

Purrs, Gulliver

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