Morro Bay


 LAND HO! We were sailing off the coast of California when we spotted this rock sitting in water near the shore. We landed on a sandy beach nearby, and found out that we were looking at the “Gibraltar of the Pacific”, (Gibraltar is another famous rock off the southern coast of Spain). Morro Rock is the plug or lump of rock in the neck of a volcano- long extinct, thank goodness. Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo named the rock “El Morro” in 1543. In Spanish “Morro” means crown shaped hill. Morro Rock is the last peak of the Nine Sisters rocks in the area- volcanoes that exploded 20 million years ago. Purrs, Gulliver.


Mouse in Portland

My friend Mouse, who is a cat so I never understood her name, moved from Salinas, California to Portland, Oregon last year. Now she has invited me to come for a visit! I think I will go when the iris are in bloom, and maybe some of the roses that Portland grows in its famous garden. I love visiting gardens and looking at pretty flowers.

Maybe Mouse and I will take a day trip to Mount Hood. It is about 100 miles away, but as the tallest point in Oregon, it can be seen from Portland. I called it a mountain, but Mouse explained it is an active volcano, though not likely to erupt in an explosion. There are several ski resorts and lodges on the mountain, and 12 different glaciers, or ice fields. We had better take some snow boots to avoid frost bitten paws. Purrs, Gulliver

IMG_0409 (Edited)


One hump or two?  The single hump is a camel from the Middle East or upper Africa. The camel with two humps is native to Asia.   Camels are suited to the desert because their eyes have three eyelids and two rows of eyelashes to keep sand from entering their eyes.  They are also able to close their nostrils and lips to keep out the dust. I wish I had that kind of super-power! The camel is a symbol of patience, tolerance and strength.  Camels are usually very peaceful.  Just don’t get a camel mad – they can “spit” a stinky green fluid from their stomach all over you – it is as bad as a skunk smell!   Purrs, Gulliver


Up, Up and Away!

Up, up and away! I went to the Albuquerque, New Mexico balloon festival and to ride in a balloon! Not the kind you buy at the store, but a giant kind that can hold 4-6 people in the basket. The balloon part is called an envelope, and the basket beneath it is called a gondola. Hot air fills the envelope, and before long we were drifting through the quiet air, looking at the people and scenery below. Most balloons launch in the early morning, when there is little wind so landing is not as bumpy. A chase crew follows the balloon and picks up the people and equipment when the balloon lands. After my ride, there was a balloon fiesta where 600 balloons went sailing through the air at the same time, creating a rainbow of colors in the blue sky. Purrs, Gulliver

balloon 3