Woo hoo!  I am going on a safari! When I look at the roots of the word, it means journey, and I have had many of those. But this one is to see the wild animals on the continent of Africa!  The earliest safaris were trading journeys which had caravans traveling long distances to bring supplies from one city to the next.  Then the word changed to mean the journey for people who identified different kinds of animals not seen at home, and hunters who shot them for sport. Now, safaris are usually to take pictures of wild animals in their own area and learn more about how they live.  Lions, tigers, zebras, hippos – all kinds of animals I don’t see in my neighborhood. Do you have wild animals where you live?    Purrs , Gulliver



Australian animals

G’day mate, and welcome to the land down under! Australia is the smallest inhabited continent of the seven continents and can also be considered the largest island in the world.  Because it is below the equator, the seasons are reversed – you may be in winter, but it is the middle of summer here. Most people live on the coast of Australia, the interior is mostly desert. Many of Australia’s native animals and birds can be found only in Australia like the kangaroo, koala, dingo, emu, platypus, wallaby and wombat.

Purrs, Gulliver