Cars old and new

Mom and I flew to California for a family visit and rented a car. When cars were first built about 100 years ago they were very simple. Now they have computers and all kinds of buttons on the dashboard.  Each car seems to have a different set up, so this car had the gearshift on the floor instead of the steering column.  Every time mom tried to put the car in reverse, she set off the windshield wipers! Next she started the wiper in the rear and couldn’t get it turned off.  We put a glove on it and drove down the freeway waving at the cars behind us every 30 seconds! We could have used that wiper when we were running late through the airport on the way home. Wave hi/bye to the baggage drop off, hi/bye to the security clearance team, hi/bye to the postcard seller. Whew, we made it to the gate and onto the plane.  Time to go home! Purrs, Gulliver.

The Roaring Twenties

“The Roaring Twenties” was my favorite decade, reminisced my great-grandmother. She was talking about a time almost 100 years ago. “I was a Flapper with bobbed hair and short skirts who loved to party. Your namesake, Mr. G, taught me how to drive his brand new car. It had 3 gears plus reverse but no review mirror, no seatbelts, no air conditioning or heat, and certainly no radio in the car! We drove all the way to Long Beach, California to see the Pacific Southwest Exposition. We had only 3 tires blow out on the trip, and really thought we were the “Cat’s Meow”! Purrs, Gulliver


Stanford mansion

Remember the Governor of California who had to go to his inauguration in a rowboat, and when he came home he had to climb through a second story window to get into his house?  This is the house in Sacramento!  He had a much bigger one in San Francisco called the Palace which burned down in 1906, and a horse farm in Palo A lot where he later developed a university named after his son – Leland Stanford Jr. University.  After her husband died, Mrs. Stanford donated this house to a charity which ran an orphanage for many years. Now owned by the State of California, it is used as a museum and parties and meetings hosted by the current Governor.               Purrs, Gulliver