The Island of Love

Ia ora na (hello)!  I am on one of the many Tahitian Islands.  Moorea means “yellow lizard” which is a name taken from a family of chiefs that governed the island.  It is also known as “The Island of Love”.  The Tahitian alphabet contains only 13 letters: the vowels a, e, i, o, u and the consonants f, h, m, n, p, r, t and v.  did you know the word tattoo came from the Tahitian word tatau?  I heard some wonderful stories about Tohu, the god of tattoo who painted all the ocean fish in beautiful colors and patterns.  In Polynesian culture, tattoos are signs of beauty.  In earlier times, tattoos were ceremoniously applied when reaching adolescence.

I tried to put this postcard in the mailbox outside my friends house, but he laughed and said “that is not for mail, it is four our French bread deliveries!”  they get fresh loaves of bread twice a day, but to get their mail they have to go to the post office.  What an interesting custom!  Purrs, Gulliver