Pike’s Market

I invited Sasha and our cousin Gaby to join me on a trip to Seattle,Washington. Gee, those girls can talk! They loved flying, and we scampered down to Pike’s Market as soon as we landed. Sasha and Gaby went shopping for postcards while I hung around the fish market and gobbled down the bits of fish that landed on the floor. Seattle has an interesting history. In its early years, the entire downtown burned in a huge fire. The city fathers decided to raise the street level 15 feet higher than the previous street. It must have been funny to watch ladies in long skirts climb up and down ladders to get to the entrance of the stores! Eventually the stores put entrances on their second floors to solve the problem, and the first floors became basements. There is even a tour of underground Seattle now. Purrs, Gulliver

Pikes market

Space Needle

Brrr!  It is chilly and rainy here in Seattle, and I have just finished lunch at a restaurant that moves in a circle, so you get a different view of the city all through your meal!  It is the SkyCity Restaurant on the Space Needle, which was built for the World’s Fair in 1962.  The restaurant is 500 feet up, almost the top of the Needle. At the very top is a blinking light to warn airplanes away, and 14 lightning rods to send the lightning to the ground during a storm. Part way down the Needle is an observation deck where you can see the city below and the mountains and Pacific Ocean in the distance.  I was very glad it had elevators, and I didn’t have to climb the 848 steps to the observation tower! The Space Needle is a very special landmark, and one of the highlights of my trip to Seattle!    Purrs, Gulliver