Fun with envelopes


When I send two or more postcards to someone, I need an envelope the size of a large greeting card.  I received cards from a Postcrosser in the envelope above, and was entranced with the creativity. In this case she had taped the different pieces of paper over the white envelope, including the front (not shown – too much personal info on it).  I was in a store which had old calendars for sale at ridiculous low prices and the light bulb went off in my head. So here is what I came up with.

bird envelope bird envelope back0001lavender envelope frlavender envelope

The front covers are much heavier, so I will have to weigh each envelope to make sure there is enough postage.  I have sent out about 4 envelopes so far, and none have been returned (checked with the letter carrier, who thought they were fine). and I haven’t had any comments from the recipients. Hope they make it ok. I love the extra bit of sparkle in the mail.

One comment

  1. years ago I used to make envelopes to utilize beautiful magazines pages and save some paper (the environment thank us). so I made a mold in a cardboard paper to make the process easier and spare the blank envelop.

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