Friends in Brazil

Gulliver shared postcards from all over the United States with students from Brazil.  Here is their reaction:


  • Too much fun today at the first postcards delivery to 10 years old kids from public school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Let me told <tell> you the history of the week. The postcards are a surprise for the end of year (classes finish in november/december here), but last week one of the postcards fall down from my notebook. The girl who would receive it, got this (the alaska one) and now it´s a mystery on the class about where is it form. LOL. Lots of fun!!!! 😀
  • The postcard to Camily arrived! Kids are in love with Gulliver.

Brazil Girl

  • At the picture, a girl taking notes about cities and countries the postcards are from.
  • Tomorrow, English teacher will translate everything and we will try <to> write something to Gulliver.

Thanks a lot!!

Gulliver is looking forward to setting up exchanges between USA classrooms this spring.  And maybe even visit some classes.

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