Gulliver’s Mom reads to classrooms

Recently Gulliver’s mom went to some local classrooms to read to students and answer questions.  The number one question was “why was Gulliver grounded?” from the postcard below.  Gulliver is still able to travel but his magic carpet is on time out, so he has to figure out other sources of transportation.  The story behind the punishment remains between Gully and his mom, but trust me, it was bad behavior!

sf map

Hello! I am Sasha, Gulliver’s little sister. He asked me to write to you because he has been grounded and is not travelling. He apologizes for not sending postcards. Look at today’s postcard – – the address is always on the right, under the stamp. First the name, then the street address, next line is city and state, and finally a postal or ZIP code.  Some countries use a different order where the city is listed before the street name. Each piece of mail requires a stamp which is postmarked from the area it was mailed from, along with the date it was mailed.  What would you write on a postcard?

Meow, Sasha

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