Polar Bear

Need a little cat nap? How about a polar bear nap? Polar bears can nap just about anywhere and anytime, and especially after a meal. You can find polar bears near the North Pole, but never near the South Pole – that is penguin country.  The fur on a polar bear is not white, but translucent, or clear. It reflects the white from the snow and helps them blend in so their prey don’t see them.  Polar Bears are very curious animals. You can’t outrun a polar bear – they can run up to 40 miles per hour. So be smart and confuse the bear. Take a piece of clothing off, put it on the ground, and move away. While the bear is exploring that clothing, take off another.  Spread out the distance between you and the bear, and leave enough clothes to keep the bear busy, even if it means you have to give up all your clothes. Then run for safety!    Purrs, Gulliver

Photo by Dan Bolton on Unsplash

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