A Walking Volcano

A walking volcano?  The Pinnacles rocks are all that’s left of 23,000,000-year-old Neenach Volcano. It once stood 8,000 feet high near what is now Lancaster, CA, 195 miles south. The San Andreas Fault ripped the old volcano in half and moves the land slowly north. It took the rocks a few million years to get here and according to the National Park Service, they’re still moving – about an inch per year. At that rate, they’ll be near where San Francisco is now in another 6 million years.  The Pinnacles are a home for many kinds of wildlife, including the endangered California condor.  These ancient birds can often be seen soaring on their 9 1/2-foot wide wings, looking for food. There are only about 425 California condors left in the world!  Purrs, Gulliver


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