Brr, it is cold outside

I walk into the room and hear “Mrowl! Miao, Miao”. It is my sister’s voice, but I don’t see her. “Wowl”, she whimpers plaintively. I look some more, then realize the lump under the bedspread is moving. Sasha has crawled all the way under the covers to the foot of the bedspread. “I’m so cold, even with my fur coat my teeth were chattering. It must be only 10 degrees Celsius in here.” said Sasha.  “Wow that is cold!” I thought. Then I realized that she meant it was 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which is cool, but nowhere near freezing. Most of the world uses the Celsius scale to measure temperature, but the United States kept the use of Fahrenheit which was developed in the 1700’s. I wonder how they measured temperatures before then?  Purrs, Gulliversnow


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