Baby Tiger!

Vietnam food is considered very healthy because they use a lot of fruits, vegetables, fish, herbs and rice.  Traditionally, each meal has something spicy, sour, bitter, salty and sweet.  While I was visiting Vietnam, I asked what a specialty dish would be, and the chef said “Baby Tiger!”  They eat tigers here? No, it is actually cats!  If a cat is a pet, it is usually walked on a leash to keep it from disappearing. Potbellied pigs are also kept as pets, where at home pigs are eaten as bacon and pork chops.  I started daydreaming about what people eat around the world. People from India revere the cow and would not dream of eating a hamburger made of beef.  Before I realized it, the chef was chasing me through the village market, waiving a knife and calling “Here kitty kitty!” Because the Vietnamese language uses different tones to make meanings of a word change to something new, it was hard to understand the chef, but his meaning was clear!  Whew, I felt like I barely escaped with my life!  Purrs, Gulliver

And here is a comment from one of the teachers:

My kids get such a kick out of Gully’s adventures! The cat-hunting Vietnamese cook had the exact response I hoped for….a discussion of differences, not judgments of cultures. Sushi, Tajin, escargots and nopales were all loved by some and considered really weird by others….but after a talk, we decided it’s a decision, not a judgment. “I don’t like sushi” or “I’ve never had sushi” is different from “Sushi is disgusting”.    Thanks again for all you do!


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