You Have Served Us Well: The Pony Express

Another great trip back into time.

Map of Time | A Trip Into the Past

Old photo of Waddell, Majors and Russell, foun... Waddell, Majors and Russell, founders of the Pony Express Courtesy Wikipedia

“The mail must go through!” That was their motto and for the most part that’s the way things were. Pony Express riders and station managers braved not only tough weather, but also unfriendly Indians and bandits. So how did the Pony Express come about? Why was it so short lived, having only lasted a year and a half? And even better yet…What was the Pony Express?!

In 1848 the discovery of gold in California brought thousands to the West Coast. People flocked from all over the world, eager to make their fortune. But postal service was primitive. One could send a letter via stagecoach, ship or by stranger (with the latter you would cross your fingers and hope the letter got to its destination). By coach the letter would usually take about a month to get the receiver. Coaches…

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