A full moon rising

Mom has “cabin fever” from being stuck inside away from her friends and usual activities.  To try and cheer her up, I am going to show her the super moon on April 6th.  What is a super moon?  It is a full moon which is closer to Earth than usual which makes it appear larger and more brilliant than usual.  The moon’s orbit around the earth is not round, but oval, so the dates of full moons vary from month to month. There are only two super moons in 2020; one was last month on March 9th, called a worm moon.  Tuesday’s moon has a number of names  – pink moon, sprouting grass moon, full fish moon and egg moon are a few of the names I found.   Another moon to celebrate will be on October 31, and it is called a Blue Moon.  These are rare moons, where two full moons appear in a single month, which happens every two and a half to three years. Having a full moon on Halloween is also uncommon, usually occurring every 19 years or so.  Maybe I can even get mom to dance in the moonlight!  Purrs, Gulliver

picture from Neven Krcmarek found in the Unsplash app. copyright free.

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