Flat Stanley Visits

I guess I should stay home once in a while. There are adventures to be found even in my backyard!  While I was out exploring, Mom’s friend Ezekiel asked her to show his Flat Stanley around Missoula.  Flat Stanley wanted to play in the snow, but found he needed warmer clothes. Mom crocheted a hat and scarf one evening, and the next morning they built a snowman.  When the weekend came, they explored downtown Missoula, riding the Carousel.  It was too cold for the kayakers to be out in the Clark Fork River, and the colorful piano that is usually in a parking lot was put way in storage. Not too cold for ice cream though, they walked to the Big Dipper and enjoyed Huckleberry ice cream.  Huckleberries grow wild and are very tart, but make a good pie, jam or ice cream. They thought about hiking up to the “M” a concrete landmark on the side of Mount Sentinel.  Although it’s just 3/4 mile to “M,” it seems much further with its steep incline and 11 switchbacks. Good sense and tired feet kept them from trying that challenge! Last I heard, they are going contra dancing, which is an old form of line dancing.  I really missed out on a fun visit with Flat Stanley!  Purrs, Gulliver

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