Rocky Mountains

“Rocky Mountain High…Colorado” sang John Denver on the radio as we drove through Colorado. I tried to sing along, but my mom complained I was yowling too loudly. Such a critic! We headed to the Rocky Mountain National Park to do some hiking and maybe even see bighorn sheep, moose, elk or deer. I don’t want to see any bears or mountain lions – they might eat me! While the Rocky Mountain National Park is in Colorado, the Rocky Mountains are a series of mountain rangeswhich spread more than 3,000 miles from central New Mexico to northwest Alaska and include the Canadian National Parks of Banff, Jaspar, and Kootenay, while in the United States the mountains include Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Glacier National Parks among others. I am looking forward to climbing Pike’s Peak, which has such beautiful views it inspired another song –“America the Beautiful”! Purrs, Gulliver



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