Cappadocia, Turkey

I am at a balloon festival in Turkey! Not all of Turkey looks like this landscape; I thought for a while that this must be what the moon looks like up close! The stone is from very old volcano ash and is called tuff, which is soft and easily carved.  What is really interesting is that there are whole cities underneath the ground that people built 2,400 years ago to escape wars and raids from outsiders.  Tunnels linked the cities just like a road would above ground, and there could be as many as eight stories of rooms going down into the earth. Now, some of those places are museums, some have been turned into hotels and some are still home to local people!  Above ground, the wind and water have carved the tuff into magical shapes like cones, needles and bowls.  We had fun imagining a fantasy world populated by aliens living among the rocks.  What would they look like, what would they wear, and how would they communicate with each other – talking, reading minds, hand gestures?  I hope they would be friendly to cats!  Purrs, Gulliver






Purrs, GulliverPurrs

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