Money, money money

What would it be like to be a quarter, a dollar, or even $5.00? We might sit in a piggy bank for a long time, waiting to be spent. Then one day, we jump into a pocket, go out for a walk and stop in at a store to buy a book or a piece of fruit. In the cash register we could meet new friends, and before long we join someone new as change for a larger bill.  Off to the laundromat where we are put in machines, and out come clean clothes. It is crowded in that little box, and it is a sigh of relief when we are taken out and deposited at the bank.  There are many coins and bills there, and it is wonderful to see many like us. It is quite a reunion, and we even get to meet money from other nations.  Maybe our next trip will be to another state, or even another country!  Purrs, Gulliver

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